Win a trip to Nashville to hang out with Shawn Booth, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Eric and Jessie James Decker

Win a trip to Nashville to hang out with Shawn Booth, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Eric and Jessie James Decker. Shawn Booth is participating in the IRONMAN: Lake Placid and is using the event to help veterans get the support they need from service dogs. Plus every $10 donation is a chance to win a trip for 2 to Nashville, stay for 2 nights in The Westin Nashville and have dinner with Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Eric and Jessie James Decker.

Every $10 is an entry to win, so $50 = 5 entries

The Prize:

Two night trip to Nashville, TN
Two round-trip coach airline tickets for winner and one guest
Two night stay in the The Westin Nashville
Dinner at one of Nashville’s great restaurants with Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Eric and Jessie James Decker.

Head over to: to read about the cause, make your donation and earn your entries into the contest for your chance to win the grand prize.

To learn more about the Decker’s charity, go to for all the details.

Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” HITS #1

Brett Young’s latest single In Case You Didn’t Knowoff his self-titled album, has hit #1 and we couldn’t be happier! Young has been making waves with his love ballads, boy next door looks (until you see him in a t-shirt… oh my), gorgeously sexy tattooed skin, and hard working drive for success. Young is currently on the road with Lady Antebellum on their You Look Good Tour, catch up on the tour schedule HERE.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube 


Spencer Crandall’s New Single is ?

Last October Spencer Crandall released “Do it All Again,” a lyrical road trip about falling in love and the memory of those beautiful loves of summers past. Crandall’s newest release, “I Thought We Broke Up,” is an extremely accurate depiction of a typical breakup. We’ve all lived this… you break up, you get lonely, your friends beg you to come out and live a little, but once out, you see him/her across the room and those memories of the good times come rushing back. You crave those good moments all over again, and before you know it, you’re wrapped back up into the tumble of a failed relationship and quickly, very quickly, the memories of the bad times, the times that lead you to the breakup in the first place, come rushing back. This track is fun and flirty, and it has a great dance beat to it.

Crandall is quickly becoming an artist to watch. He’s interactive with his fans, goofy (on a daily basis), and his talent speaks for itself. Turn on your notifications, as Spencer regularly hosts giveaways and uploads covers of his favorite tunes. With a talent like his, and a personality to match, you won’t want to look back and realize you missed out on the early days, before he hits the big stages and his time is scheduled by a label.

For tour info, CLICK HERE! To check out Spencer’s life through social media, see below:

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Filmore’s Unreleased Tracks… Only Found on #FPPBLOG

My nights have been sleepless lately… making my days lag. Last night, while tossing and turning I kept thinking to myself, “nothing good can come of a terrible nights sleep.”
Oh boy, was I wrong! 
I pulled out my phone in the darkness of my bedroom and decided to work on putting together a list of the shows I want to see this summer here in SoCal and filling in my calendar slots. While doing so, I found myself reminiscing on how fantastic Stagecoach Music Festival was this past April and how kick-ass Filmore’s set in the Honkeytonk Dance Hall was.
Stagecoach – California’s Country Music Festival
Before I knew it, I had abandoned my summer schedule, only to find myself lost in the world of my Google search on Filmore. Do you want to know where that Google stalk… I mean… Google search took me? I stumbled upon four unreleased tracks on SoundCloud that are GOLDEN! I know Filmore’s released playlist like the back of my hand, so I guarantee you, these songs were not meant to be found so easily. But, as much as I love Tyler and all of his talents, I can’t help but share these tracks with my loyal readers.
FilmoreMusic performing for the second time in the Honkeytonk Dance Hall at Stagecoach Country Music Festival on April 29, 2017
They’re all very much in tune with Filmore’s general sound, but of the four, one of them stands out the most, with true potential to be a #1. About You is a heart wrenching song about a breakup. I know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t all country songs about a breakup?” Well, yes, that and trucks, hunting, kissing and, well, you get the picture. But every great breakup song leads you back to a moment. One where you can relive every detail of recovering from your love that was lost. This is THAT song. In it, Filmore depicts a heartbroken lover who is lost and is desperately trying to find his way. As though talking about his love, to himself and to anyone that will listen, will bring her back.
Don’t miss out on getting a few good listens in on these tracks; I have a feeling they won’t be up much longer. And Filmore… I’m sorry, but these songs could not sit in a SoundCloud and not be listened to (on repeat). Click on the images below to be taken to SoundCloud. 
Happy listening! Send Filmore some LOVE on these phenomenal tracks. For upcoming tour information, please CLICK HERE to see if he’ll be coming to a venue near you.
And, as always, the best way to reach your favorite artists is through the simplicity of social media:

Chris Lane Brings it with the Acoustics

Chris Lane came back to Cali last week for an acoustic set at Morongo Casino Resort along the way, with Go Country 105,  and, let me tell you… It was INSANE. When I heard acoustic I automatically though it was going to be a laid back Wednesday night. Ahahahaha… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Lane was joined onstage by band mates Sid Menon and Zachary Morris for a fun night of laughs and semi-debauchery. If Lane is heading to your neighborhood, I guarantee this is a show you won’t want to miss. Not only did Lane sing his most loved ballads, he also dabbled in some from other artists that he knows, loves and respects, such as Tim McGraw. I’ve been to the full band show, and now to an acoustic set and I can honestly say that they’re both worth every bit of effort it takes to get there. Find a sitter, put on your sexiest pair of Levi’s and throw some cash in your pocket, because you’re gonna want a drink for this!

Note to self… Do not drink whiskey out of a water bottle if Sid hands it to you… Your life will flash before your eyes.

Sleepwalker Sid (Sid Menon)

I’ll be seeing them all again in September when they take the stage with Florida Georgia Line and Nelly at the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA. Until next time boys!

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I do a lot of writing about artists and venues, but I rarely give my readers a glimpse into ME… So, I have made it a goal to change that. Today we’ll start with something pretty generic: 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me! Happy reading!

  1. I shower at night because I love crawling into bed after a long hard day with fresh shaved legs. It’s uber relaxing and gives me a sense of I got this! Even when I clearly DO NOT got this!
  2. I grew up homeless. Weird, right? But oddly, it’s not that rare. I didn’t have a mother growing up, I had a mom that could never quite get her act together. Living in homeless shelters, cars, with friends, etc. taught me the value of hard work and dedication. In short, I learned everything NOT to be from the woman that brought me into this world. And for those curious… No, I do not have a relationship with my birth mother, that ended many years ago and I have worked hard at forgiveness, but that is a chapter of my life that I am done with. My father blessed me with the most amazing step-mom that loves me as if I were her own. For that I am truly grateful. Never doubt your struggle! God has a plan.
  3. I wash my hands at least 10 times a day. I get anxious if I feel like my hands are dirty. I can get down and hike, play outside, etc., but in my everyday life I can be sitting at my desk and get a small inkling that my hands are dirty and have to rush to the bathroom to wash them. And I’m super picky about hand soap! Speaking of… be right back 🙂
  4. I love love! I know, so generic. What woman doesn’t “love love?” Well, mine is different (honest). I love to be wanted, needed, and in turn, I love to need, and to want. I love affection, and, although in the real world I’m “the boss” and always delegating, in relationships I like to be loved, somewhat coddled, and to pass over the boss cap whenever possible.
  5. I became a mom at 19. From the moment I felt that first little “tickle” slide across my belly I fell in love. Now my tiny little tickle is 5’8″ and is going to give her father and me a run for our money. My daughter will be 15 this summer, and I have two boys (12 and 7).
  6. I build walls pretty easily… Call me a handyman. Although, taking them down is a real struggle for me. Once I feel that first row of bricks line up… the second row isn’t far behind. I can stand there with a wall about hip height and be content for a really long time. But one slip will make the final rows fly up. And that cement is strong. This is a trait I am forever working on. If you feel those bricks lining up, talk the tools out of my hands.
  7. I love gangster rap! I mean, come on, who doesn’t?
  8. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I am a candy addict. And because of this, I have to get cleanings at the dentist every 3-months. I know that seems excessive, but it’s for my own good. Almost every night, when I’m just dozing off to sleep, I get a craving for chocolate cereal and have to get up and eat a bowl in a sleepy daze.
  9. I am majorly self-conscious. Seriously. I never feel pretty enough, thin enough, healthy enough, none of it. I make a habit of saying “I don’t care what people think of me.” But that’s a major lie. I ignore the reality of my insecurity, but I know, as I get older, the feeling only gets worse as I see myself aging, that I will have to tackle this feeling and come to grips with it, in order to fix it. Suggestions are welcome!
  10. I crave more. More life. More adventure. More firsts. More lasts. Just more. I’m chasing something, but what? Where does this heart of mine want to take me?

Well… That’s a glimpse into me. I’m very guarded, and I only show what I want people to see, so this was a vulnerable post for me. I would love for my readers to share some of their vulnerabilities with me!

Next up… I’ll lighten the tone a bit with my Top 10 Favorite Movies tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Coachella’s got me like… What do I wear???

Festival Season here in the Coachella Valley tends to put a buzz in the air that is dormant until the month of April. Once the first day of Spring arrives, we’re ignoring the blooming flowers and the butterflies, and are anticipating the vibration of the music pouring from the polo grounds. The tourists flood in for Week 1 of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (AKA Coachella) and the outfits get a bit more hippie than the standard t-shirts and jeans we’re used to seeing on the weekends, and the hair gets a little more free spirited than the pony-tails we’re used to throwing up onto our heads on Saturday mornings. By Week 2 of Coachella the vibe calms down and the crowd is filled with more locals, giving us the opportunity to reward ourselves for making it through the traffic, the detours, the long lines in every single grocery stores, the road closures, and the weirdos asking if they can sleep in your driveway (yes, this actually happens).

Dress: Free People | Location: Shields Date Garden | Photographer: Amber Linn Photography | Makeup: Shekinah Studio

Then comes to the third weekend. Where the redneck in all of us is let loose and our barely worn cowboy boots and hats come out, our Levi’s are starched and our crop tops are our cover up of choice… all in preparation for Stagecoach Music Festival. With the most prized headliners coming out to kick the dust up in our little valley of palm trees.

There is nothing quite like coming to the desert for the most amazing weekends of music and camaraderie. There are festivals all across the country, but nothing beats ours… And I dare anyone to argue against that… (Seriously… I dare).

Dress: Windsor Fashion | Shoes: Nike | | Location: Shields Date Garden | Photographer: Amber Linn Photography 

Your festival look is a well planned out decision, especially for women.  You begin with your outfits. They have to be sexy, but also comfortable enough to wear from the afternoon through the evening, from hotter than hot weather, possible wind storms (because yes, they come every single year), and cooler temps once the sun goes down. Then we move onto the shoes. These will make or break the entire experience for you. Sandals, although they look cute, will be a terrible decision. TRUST ME. The polo grounds are mainly dirt, and the amount of people dancing and landing on your feet will make you regret that decision within your first hour of arrival. Lastly, the hair! Braids are always a safe bet. If you opt for a “down” look, you’ll want to be sure to throw a few hair ties around your wrist, because, as I mentioned before, the wind storms can be brutal, so be prepared. And as an option, a small backpack with a sweater and extra water bottles inside, plus some hygiene products to help you freshen up, is always useful. Throw in a bandana while you’re at it, to tie around your face if/when the sand storms kick up. If you forget to pack on, there are vendors within the grounds that sell them (for a ridiculously large marked up price). Tip: There are lockers available to rent onsite, that way you don’t have to carry around your gear all day and night). 

So here is the good stuff. Still don’t know what to wear? My girls over at Perlé Sonoma will be your personal virtual shoppers and stylists. They’ll put together the perfect festival look and even offer priority shipping to ensure your outfits make it here on-time for the events.

Shirt: Project Social T | Shorts: Hudson Jeans | Sandals: BED|STÜ | Clutch: Cleobella | Perlé Sonoma

So… You have your outfits covered… Now what to do with your makeup? Shekinah Studio has you covered there too! Sujey can either come to you to get your glammed up with some long wear makeup that will get you through the entire day, or you can head over to her studio to get pampered.

Shirt: Forever 21 | Location: Shields Date Garden | Photographer: Amber Linn Photography | Makeup: Shekinah Studio

Now for the hair! Laced Hair Extensions can offer you some sexy long locks at a great price, and the gals at the Utah based salon can have your clip-in extensions delivered to you on-time as well. These extensions blend with your hair perfectly, and you can create the braids of your dreams in minutes!

“Suns out, buns out!” | Hair: Laced Hair Extensions | Model: Taylor Alexa Kelly


Laced Hair Extensions | I°do Clip-Ins

I’ve led you in the right direction… Now it’s up to you to implement it to perfection!

I’ll see you all at the polo fields for Week 2 of Coachella, and Stagecoach. Until then XOXO.

Let’s offer credit where credit is due: Find all of the above and MORE using the links below:

Perle-Sonoma Boutique | Laced Hair Extensions | Makeup by Shekinah Studio | Amber Linn Photography | Shields Date Garden  | Coachella | Stagecoach

Kelleigh Bannen is Heading to Church 

I’m certain that the majority of people can relate to Kelleigh Bannen‘s new single, Church Clothes, in many different ways. Whether you’re living (or have lived) this kind of relationship turmoil, or you grew up as a child enduring the chaos, this song drags you back to those feelings of self-doubt, fight or flight, and hitting your knees to the floor for guidance.

Bannen sings of an emotional battle waging a war with her surroundings. The perfect marriage portrayed on the outside proves to be a heartbreaking song of separation and giving up.

Kelleigh aired an episode on her podcast last year This Nashville Life, Episode 1, titled: The Radio Game, which is a 27-minute airing of “how a song makes its way from one of a handful of streets on Music Row in Nashville to the top of the charts nationwide.” Bannen confesses that a great song doesn’t always make for a great radio song, therein lies the issue. But this… this is a killer song! I’m confident in saying that this will be a killer radio song too.

Head HERE to download your copy now, you’ll play it on repeat in your car like a madwoman (or man) and know every single lyric by the time you exit rush hour traffic.

Follow Kelleigh in all the right places:Facebook / This Nashville Life Instagram / Kelleigh Bannen Instagram / Twitter / Musician Website / This Nashville Life Website / Podcast / YouTube /